Shiitake Kit

New Shiitake GYO Kits

We’re excited here at WJ HQ  to now offer Grow Your Own Shiitake Kits. These kits will yield up to two pounds of delicious and nutritious Shiitake mushrooms over two to four harvests. Small mister and full instructions are included with your kit. Pick one up in the Shop, and start growing these beauties on your kitchen counter top! Shiitake (Lentinula edodes) has long been revered for its health benefits and immune stimulating properties. It has been used medicinally by […]

Golden Oyster Spore Release

Here’s a video from last summer that we caught on the fly with an iphone. If you look closely, you can see the spores of the Golden Oyster mushrooms wafting gently in the breeze. Oyster mushroom spores float on the wind and can be carried miles away from their originating fruit body. Other fungi, such as the microscopic coprophilous launch their spores at speeds up to 25 meters per second!

Woodland Jewel on WHYY

We are exceptionally thrilled to be featured on WHYY’s Friday Arts Program. The crew came out to the farm for two days of shooting in torrential rains, and managed to put together a great feature on our operation. Our cat, Monkey even makes a cameo. We also took a trip to Majolica restaurant in Phoenixville, and spoke with Executive Chef/Owner Andrew Deery, who was recently named “Best Chef of Chester County.”                   […]