The table

The table at Culton Organics

In the summer of 1999, I came up with the idea of setting a long table on a farm and inviting the public to an open-air feast in celebration of the farmer and the gifts of the land. I decided to call this idea Outstanding in the Field. I thought a big table, carefully composed alongside the ingredients for the evening’s feast would inspire both a conversation at the table and a broader discussion about food, community and the meaning of place. A traveling feast with a central vision of farmers, chefs, cheese makers, ranchers, foragers and winemakers in delicious communion with the people they sustain. It would be a terrific challenge to bring this message to the field and to the world — it would also be a lot of fun and adventure. – Jim Denevan, Founder of Outstanding In The Field

Host, farmer, goat whisperer, Tom Culton of Culton Organics

Host, farmer, goat whisperer, Tom Culton of Culton Organics


The long, iconic table, set at the source of our suppers’ ingredients, where almost two hundred guests gathered as strangers, dined famously and parted as friends. Woodland Jewel was proud to be on the plate as championed by our pal and Top Chef winner Nick Elmi.

Tom Culton hosted us at his family farm in Silver Spring, PA. This beautiful, organic farm has been in Tom’s family for generations, and his deep connection to the land is immediately apparent. Tom led the guests on a very informative, and at times, hilarious tour through his fields before taking our seats at the long, winding table.

It was an honor to come along for the ride, and to witness a rare talent like Nick in action outside of his highly praised South Philadelphia restaurant, Laurel.

Thank you to the Outstanding in the Field crew, Chef Nick, Tom Culton, Grandpa Pete, Ian Brendle and Blair Vinyards for hosting a seamless evening of superior hospitality.




Top Chef, Nick Elmi with some Woodland Jewel shiitake and golden oysters

Top Chef, Nick Elmi with some Woodland Jewel shiitake and golden oysters

Culton Organics

Silver Spring, PA

Saturday, September 12, 2014


smoked crosnes, yogurt, mangalitsa,

wild flowers, cultured cream, bee pollen

purple brussel sprout cups, trout roe, sorrel

2012 Blair Vineyards Gewurztraminer


tomato & watermellon salad, espelette peppers

shaved root vegetables, chamomile

2012 Blair Vineyards Pinot Gris


Heather & Norman, mushroom lady and mushroom man

Heather & Norman, mushroom lady and mushroom man

cardoon, young celery, pistachio

pickled mustard seed

sweet corn francaise heirloom polenta
black walnut, egg yolk

2009 Blair Vineyards Pinot Noir


ash baked potatoes, burnt leek vinaigrette

roasted woodland jewel mushrooms

fresh field beans, lamb bacon, anise

pepper lacquered whole pig

ginger marinated squab, caramelized squash

2010 Blair Vineyards Wedding Cuvee


stewed pears, coffee, malt




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